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New Years Resolution 2014

Hello fellow followers,

This post is a little late, but before I sleep tonight… I would like to note my new years resolution so that I have it for next year and can state whether I followed through or not… Which this year I plan to follow through.

My new years resolution is to eat healthy, work out, and weigh 110…
I weigh 130 (even)… and I’m 5’2.5 inches.. I want to weigh 110 like I use to..

Through out the year, I promise to dedicate my focus on school, and being healthy. All I want is to weigh 110 pounds, and I am going to do it healthily.
Daily, I will post photos of the healthy food I am eating, and of my progress and notes and stuff… Please keep encouraged, and not discouraged.

I can do this. Challenge.